Chelsea Real Estate has been in operation for quite some time now. Our main focuses is the keep all our clients comfortable and satisfied with our services. We have an ongoing sucsess rate in selling and leasing properties which has resluted in our clients constanly spreading the good news by word of mouth about the way our company promisies and delivers its servcies . Our duties consist of: –       Selling property –       Management of property –       Strata Management which is branched company within

Sales of Property

At Chelsea Real Estate the selling of a property is achieved by the acts profosionalism and market knowledge to our valued clients. The Chelsea Real Estate team conducts its research on a daily basis which gives us the upper hand in regards to the market and informing our clients with up to date infomation. The sale team strives to ensure that no matter what happens in the sales process wheather successful or unsucessful, keeping our customers happy and informed is our first priority

Property Management

Property Management in what we consider to be our bread and butter of our business. Having said that, our focus is to make sure that all our landlords are kept informed about there investment property. Looking after the property as if its our own is our mind set when managing your investment. Moving the right tenant in is the first step and making sure that they have good references and good tenant history. The process in managing the property will be second nature as having a good tenant will minimise any issues that may arise in the future. Futhermore our property management team love what they do and are dedicated to do the best possible job.

Strata Management

MaGrath Strata offers expert and professional management services to residential, commercial and industrial strata and community schemes. With industry leading professionals guiding your entire strata management needs coupled with our premium, personalised and friendly service, our clients receive a value for money package without compromising on our service quality. MaGrath Strata management capabilities extend to all classes of properties, from small home unit, villa, townhouse terrace schemes to high rise residential and commercial buildings, shopping centers, industrial complexes and hotels. At MaGrath Strata, every effort is made to ensure that a seamless strata management service is provided. As such we have implemented the most advanced electronic communication and record management systems available enabling our staff to quickly and efficiently identify and respond to client needs. As such, our clients are also able to conveniently access their strata or community scheme records at any time. To experience the MaGrath Strata difference, contact our staff and request a quote today